New Short Story: “Pie” Out in Refractions

20 Jan

You can now order Refractions, a collection that includes “Pie,” the first short story I will ever be getting paid to publish! Paying people for producing art? In America? What?!

The collection, Refractions, is geared towards teen readers (which doesn’t mean adults won’t like it). It’s $4.99 for the eBook (it’s a PDF, there’s artwork too), and $9.99 for the print. The publishers, Golden Fleece Press, are creating a lot of really cool books and are awesome for actually committing to paying contributors.

Here’s a little excerpt from “Pie”:

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New Writing: Check Out My 50-Word Story

11 Sep

My story, “Her Boy,” went live on 50-Word Stories today. Check it out! 50-Word Stories is an amazing site; in just a few minutes, you can read several stories that are exactly 50 words long and run the gamut from funny to scary to touching. Enjoy!


Social Media and Content Marketing Updates Around the Web

16 Sep

Just a quick post to share a few articles I’ve written around the web.

For marketers who are interested in using content to educate current customers, and find new customers, check out “12 Lessons For Focusing Your Content Marketing Strategy on Education” on the Content Marketing Institute’s blog.

For writers, illustrators, and other creatives, check out “5 Ways Writers and Illustrators Can Use Twitter” on the MD/DE/WV chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators blog.


LinkedIn Help for New Graduates

9 May

If you’re a college grad who doesn’t have a job yet, spending your summer searching can be terrifying, demoralizing, and heartbreaking. Yikes. At least you can use all that time at your parents’ place to do something you’re probably doing anyways: hang out Sorry, this post isn't about cupcakes. But it is about graduation!on social media.

I’ve written before about how social media landed me my first job out of college, and I’ve written before about how to use LinkedIn. In this article, which you can read over at Social Media Today, I’ll specifically focus on LinkedIn for new graduates. Sorry I can’t post the full text here; I gave SocialMediaToday an exclusive.

If you’d like some individualized feedback on your LinkedIn profile, I am offering a new graduate special. I will provide detailed feedback and suggested improvements for $25.

If you don’t have much there yet, you can send over your resume, or an informal description of your past and your goals, and I’ll guide you on what to include and how to include it. If you’re interested, contact me at and include some proof that you graduated or will graduate this year, such as a receipt from your cap and gown, your transcript, or an email from your school about graduation.

Note: Thanks to Intero Advisory for all of the LinkedIn wisdom!

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8+ Awesome Web Writing and Editing Resources

24 Mar

Need help on a web writing project? On Tuesday, 3/26, 2013 at Betamore, I’m teaching a web writing and editing workshop. If you’re near Baltimore, sign up!

Edit: The class is over, but you can sign up to get notified for the next one at the end of this post. Also, any resources after resource 8 have been added after the original post was published.

To prepare for the class, I’m compiling a list of resources attendees can draw on long after the class is over, and I thought I would share them here.

Here are some of the many great resources you can use to help you become a better web writer and editor.  I’ll also be posting slides here after the class.

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Come to My Spring Web Writing and Editing Workshop: 3/26 at Betamore

11 Mar

If you missed my last web writing and editing workshop, here’s your chance to improve your writing and editing skills.

I’m holding another interactive workshop on 3/26 from 6-8pm at Betamore in Federal Hill.

We’ll cover how to:

  • Beat writer’s block
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Edit constructively and effectively
  • Optimize writing for the web

Sign up early, as we’ll be circulating each other’s work beforehand!

Get tickets on Eventbrite. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Go to CreateBaltimore on 2/16

8 Feb

CreateBaltimore at MICABaltimoreans: ever complained about your city? Do something about it when you come to CreateBaltimore next Saturday, 2/16 at Johns Hopkins.  Here’s five reasons why heading to CreateBaltimore will make Baltimore a better city—for you and for all of us.

Disclaimer: I’m helping to organize CreateBaltimore this year. But I wouldn’t write all this if it weren’t true! Continue reading 

Missed My Web Writing and Editing Workshop?

3 Dec

Well, I’m planning to hold another one in the spring. An awesome group turned out for my last workshop, and I have had many requests to hold another similar event. Depending on how much repeat interest I get, I can vary the format or keep it the same.

I don’t have any details worked out quite yet, but if you’re interested in coming to a workshop in the spring, enter your information in the Google form below. I promise I’ll only sell your emails to vampires and unicorns, no humans or companies.

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Come to My Web Writing and Editing Workshop

24 Oct

Cringe every time you have to update your company’s “About” page or even your own bio? Or perhaps you were an English major in college, but you’ve grown a bit rusty?

Come to my Web Writing and Editing Workshop! We’ll cover how to:

  • Beat writer’s block
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Edit constructively and effectively
  • Optimize writing for the web

We’ll meet at the Emerging Technology Center in Canton, 11/13/12 from 6 to 8 pm. I hope to see you there!

Get details and sign up at EventBrite.

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Should Your Content Marketing Preach to the Choir?

13 Sep

Done right, content marketing grows your audience beyond people who already get the point and buy your product or service. With content marketing, you can preach to those who aren’t yet ardent voices of your choir.

Should your content marketing preach to the choir?

Yet there is value in taking time, every now and then, to preach to the choir. I write about this now because of a recent conversation with a fellow content marketer. I was spouting off ideas of blogs where he could distribute content. When I brought up a popular, well-read blog in his industry, he objected, saying publishing there would be too much “preaching to the choir.” The people who read that blog, he argued, aren’t buyers. They’re other vendors, or companies who are already working with another vendor.

In the real-life conversation, I conceded his point without pushing back. But since we talked, I’ve been thinking about how preaching to the choir is actually a very important part of content marketing.

Here are a few reasons why: Continue reading 

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