Book Blitz for C.H. Armstrong’s The Edge of Nowhere

19 Jan

Look at this gorgeous book! As I progress in my publishing journey, I’ll be sharing news from friends I make along the way. My friend from Twitter is doing a book blitz for her beautiful debut. Check it out and enjoy!

In bookstores and online today:



The year is 1992 and Victoria Hastings Harrison Greene—reviled matriarch of a sprawling family—is dying.

After surviving the Oklahoma Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, Victoria refuses to leave this earth before revealing the secrets she’s carried for decades.

Once the child of a loving family during peaceful times, a shocking death shattered her life. Victoria came face to face with the harshness of the world. As the warm days of childhood receded to distant memory, Victoria learns to survive.

No matter what it takes.

To keep her family alive in an Oklahoma blighted by dust storms and poverty, Victoria makes choices—harsh ones, desperate ones. Ones that eventually made her into the woman her grandchildren fear and whisper about. Ones that kept them all alive. Hers is a tale of tragedy, love, murder, and above all, the conviction to never stop fighting.



bloggingC.H. Armstrong is an Oklahoma native transplanted in Minnesota. A 1992 graduate of the University of Oklahoma, “Cathie”is a life-long lover of books, and staunchly outspoken on subject of banned and challenged books. The Edge of Nowhere is her first novel and was inspired by her own family’s experiences during the 1930s Oklahoma Dust Bowl and The Great Depression.






Recent Publications: Opinion on Public Housing Corruption, Two Stories, and Craft Article

13 Nov

I have been busy this fall with Pitch Wars, teaching college composition, and working on my MFA thesis. Somewhere in there, a few of my pieces have been published, and I’m tardy about posting them here. Without further ado, here they are, in reverse chronological order!

“Sextortion as Institutionalized Oppression”: My rant in What Weekly about the disturbing allegations that two Baltimore Public Housing maintenance men forced women into sexual acts in order to receive basic maintenance, and how conditions in Public Housing projects tie into other problems in Baltimore.

“Accident” published in THE FEMALE COMPLAINT: The story that inspired my Pitch Wars novel is now available in a feminist anthology from Shade Mountain Press.

“Parker” published in The Stoneslide Corrective: Honorable mention in The Stoneslide Story Contest, “Parker” is about a woman who must confront her grief for her late father in order to handle an emergency on her horse farm.

“43 Words and Phrases to Search for While Polishing Your Novel” published in Adventures in YA Publishing: This craft article covers words to kill in order to make your prose sing.


That’s it, for now! I hope you enjoy any of the works you choose to dive into!

Pitch Wars Update and Inspiration Blog Hop

30 Oct

So, that contest I was gabbing on about, Pitch Wars? Well, my young adult novel, THE ACCIDENTS, was one of 126 novels chosen out of 1,600 entries. This caused lots of squealing, jumping up and down, chocolate eating, wine drinking, and dazed looks when I was anywhere other than at my computer, hard at work. After three years of laboring over this novel, this was an amazing vote of confidence.

Alas, being chosen for Pitch Wars was only the (glorious) beginning. The hardest work was ahead of me. Or as Daft Punk would say:

“Work it harder, make it better
Do it faster, makes us stronger
More than ever, hour after
hour, work is never over.”

Best Mentor Ever

Luckily, I had the brilliant, comforting, hilarious mentor, Rachel Lynn Solomon, on my side. Rachel was the one who picked my book out of her 145 submissions (yup, still pinching myself). She had a four page edit letter ready to go the night I was chosen, and we chatted for three hours one night (2.5 hours of which was talking about our dogs—am I kidding? You may never know). Then, I made a seven-page revision plan with detailed notes about every scene, we kept in touch every day, and I started kicking my novel’s butt into shape.

Before Pitch Wars, over the course of two summers, my wonderful and supportive MFA professor Jane Delury read and critiqued THE ACCIDENTS more times than I can count. Jane and I were working on fixing a sub plot problem and pinpointing the right ending, but man, was I stuck. Rachel honed in on the same problems, and helped me find some “ah ha” solutions. Working (and becoming friends) with Rachel has been more awesome than eating chocolate icing with a spoon every night, or even every hour, and that’s saying something.

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Pitch Wars Potential Mentee Bio

12 Aug

My Twitter avatar, in case you forget!

Hello, lovely Pitch Wars people! Here’s the down-low on who I am, and how my manuscript got to where it is today. I’ve enjoyed connecting with all of you so much, and hope to keep in touch!



About Me: Work and Hopes and Dreams

Most of my working life is spent helping tech startups with marketing strategy and content. I also teach college composition and college prep. I work for myself, so I get to control my schedule, which is the best thing ever. Though sometimes my boss can be a real jerk.

World's best boss


One day, I hope to teach college creative writing. Days full of writing, inspiring students, and being inspired by students would be a dream.

Excuse me while I go cry

I also cofounded Sounding Sea Writers’ Workshop, which launched this summer with classes on non-fiction, fiction, publishing, and poetry, as well as individual writing coaching. We are based in Baltimore, and we are working on launching our first online class. We’re always open to pitches for classes, both online and local, if you’ve got a great idea you’d like to teach. If there’s a class you’d like to take, we want to hear that, too. But let’s talk about that after the Pitch Wars mentees are chosen, to avoid any conflicts of interest.


About Me: The Writer

Yup, I was that kid who was always sitting alone in the corner making stuff up. I had the absolute privilege of going to a Literary Arts magnet program for high school, Carver Center for Arts and Tech. The community of writers my amazing teachers helped to build—what can I say? My heart.

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Query Critique Blog Hop

23 Jul

I’m throwing my hat into the ring for a query critique blog hop run by the wonderful Michelle Hauck. I’m working hard to get my novel in shape for Pitch Wars, which starts in August, and I’d love your feedback!

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How to Use LinkedIn to Mine Your Existing Network

3 Jul My LinkedIn Profile

I had a great talk with Paul Kirch from BOSS Academy Radio about how to use LinkedIn for your business. We cover do’s and don’ts, how to grow your network, and how to mine your existing network.

Queue this up for the next time you have a long drive, or jump in and listen while you work!


And of course, feel free to connect!

Writing Classes in Baltimore: Sounding Sea Writers’ Workshop Launches

3 Jun

Sounding Sea Writers' WorkshopIf you want to become a better writer, check out Sounding Sea Writers’ Workshop’s first classes. I started Sounding Sea with three classmates from The University of Baltimore back in January, and we have been working hard to nail down the details and bring these classes to reality.

Here are the first four classes we are offering. I am so excited about these professors! If you can’t make these dates, or don’t live in Baltimore, Sounding Sea also provides personal writing tutors. Email to inquire.

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Essay in Baltimore Fishbowl: White Privilege and Police Brutality

20 May

Today, Baltimore Fishbowl published my essay, “On White Privilege, Police Brutality, and Baltimore.”

Here’s a snippet—head to the Fishbowl to read the full article.

“I’m white, and I live in a neighborhood of yuppies near the water in Baltimore City. So, I can’t speak to what it’s like for the folks affected by police brutality. But I can speak to what it’s like to deal with police when you’re a stupid, white teenager.”


LinkedIn for Writers & Illustrators: 4 Tips

3 Apr

My LinkedIn ProfileFacebook and Twitter get most of the attention as the social networks of choice for writers and illustrators—and they’re great tools! But poor little LinkedIn, sitting quietly in the corner, can also be extremely useful. So, when my local chapter of SCBWI announced that they were doing a blog linkup on the topic of social media, I thought I would chime in on behalf of LinkedIn.

Here are a few ways that I’ve used LinkedIn in my career as a writer. I’ve written many posts and taught whole classes on using LinkedIn, so this is just scraping the surface—but hopefully it will be good motivation for getting started!

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New Short Story: “Pie” Out in Refractions

20 Jan

You can now order Refractions, a collection that includes “Pie,” the first short story I will ever be getting paid to publish! Paying people for producing art? In America? What?!

The collection, Refractions, is geared towards teen readers (which doesn’t mean adults won’t like it). It’s $4.99 for the eBook (it’s a PDF, there’s artwork too), and $9.99 for the print. The publishers, Golden Fleece Press, are creating a lot of really cool books and are awesome for actually committing to paying contributors.

Here’s a little excerpt from “Pie”:

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