Short Fiction Collection

“Hollow Tree”

Hollow Tree by Tracy GoldSeven decades. Six stories. Three families. One horse farm.

“Hollow Tree” is about loving and losing people and horses. The same characters appear as daughters, mothers, and even grandmothers.

I wrote, edited, and designed this book for my University of Baltimore Masters of Fine Arts thesis.

You can order a copy below.

Short Fiction

“Break” in Stonecoast Review: read here

“Impossibly Back” in Youth Imagination; read here

“Parker” in The Stoneslide Corrective; read here; won honorable mention in The Stoneslide Story Contest

“Accident” in YARN: read here

“Accident” in “The Female Complaint,” an anthology from Shade Mountain Press

“Her Boy” in 50-Word Stories: read here

“Pie” in Refractions

“Average Andy Almond” in Un-Bloc Zine


“Swallowed” in Reject 2 Zine

“Talk” in Welter


“Legacy of Love and Courage” in Homefront Cooking

“On White Privilege, Police Brutality, and Baltimore” in Baltimore Fishbowl: read here

“Sextortion as Institutionalized Oppression: Before the Violence” in What Weekly

“43 Words and Phrases to Search for When Polishing Your Novel” in Adventures in YA Publishing: read here

On Marketing

For the Content Marketing Institute:

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I am currently seeking a literary agent for my young adult novels.

My projects include…

Completed manuscripts:

TURNED AWAY: 1939. Rosa is a Jewish teen fleeing Germany on the SS St. Louis with 936 other refugees. Josef is the Captain’s young steward with a dangerous secret: he’s half-Jewish. They fight to help the St. Louis find a harbor where the refugees, their romance, and Josef’s secret will be safe. “Titanic” meets “Salt to the Sea.”

VERA WITH A VENGEANCE: Teenage entrepreneur Vera Davis sells revenge: when traditional justice fails her clients, she takes down racists and sexual assault perpetrators. Veronica Mars meets “Female of the Species.”

THE ACCIDENTS: Two mean girls must band together to escape a corrupt reform school in the Appalachians. “Wild” meets Courtney Summers.

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